Rock Solid mo‚Äčbile holder for your motorcycle.  A product by Bolt.

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Grip that won't let go!

Novel 'Floating Fulcrum'  spring based mechanism, designed to absorb enegry from impact and vibrations. 4 industrial grade steel springs share the clamping load wihtout loosening over time. Snapping on and releasing your phone is as easy as it gets.


Designed for rider safety

Adjustable height and angle of view ensures you can view the phone without looking away from the road. Adjustable roll angle ensures the screen is visible even in sunlight. Super easy installation.


Built to last

Each unit is custom built using Nylon, ABS, Stainless Steel and PU. Silicone lining on area in contact with phone provides cushioning. You get a beautiful product that lasts really long. Covered by 2 YEAR WARRANTY. Packaging that can be used as an utility box is a bonus.


Protects phone at high speeds

Sturdy, rugged design, with a wind breaker at the back. Grip wraps arounds your phone and shields it from winds at high speeds.


Shipping and Return Policy

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